Commmunity Concerns / Report an Issue

"WE" are a friendly community based organization helping to bring a safe and positive environment to West Babylon residents. Through our public meetings, your involvement and your feedback we can resolve many issues.  We work very closely with Town of Babylon officials and local law enforcement to address all your concerns and issues affecting our community. We are here for you; we are a community, we can help with any problems you may have. Please fill out report form and let us know any ongoing criminal activity, or any neighborhood concern. Your name and personal information will not be disclosed if you do not wish.

You may also email us privately HERE and we will then forward it to the appropriate authority with the most anonymity.  Again, your name will be kept confidential - your feedback matters!

Please be specific - include details of the complaint, location(s), times and days of occurrence or when most active, suspected people, names, plate numbers, house numbers, description of cars, etc...



Other Help:
Town of Babylon's telephone number to report any concerns related to neighborhood issues is 3-1-1.  If you would like to report directly to Town of Babylon go to and/or complete your form to Citizen's Services by clicking HERE. Suffolk County Police Department’s non-emergency telephone number is 852-COPS. This number is to be used to report incidents requiring a police response. Use of this number helps to ensure emergency calls receive priority handling, and that non-emergency calls are appropriately routed to call takers as they become available.

Please dial 852-COPS to report the following incidents:
Loud parties
Parking complaints
Prior incidents
Barking dogs, loud noise, and other disturbances
All other non-emergency situations that require a police officer response.

852-COPS is not appropriate for the following incidents, as 9-1-1 should be called for:
Crimes in progress
Life-threatening emergencies
Fire or medical emergencies
Other actual emergencies

Report tips regarding crimes previously committed by dialing 1-800-220-TIPS.

Rewards may be available!

Report Form

All personal info will be kept confidential if desired